The studio uses state of the art equipment for comprehensive post-production/sound design services.

Using industry standard software such as the Pro Tools HD system, as well creative sound design tools such as Ableton Live 9, Native Instruments Komplete 11, Edward Foley Instrument, & GRM Tools II, RSW Audio can ensure the highest level of professional audio production. A large suite of restoration and metering plug-ins are also available for use.

Professional monitoring is achieved using Genelec 8040 near-field monitors & Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Headphones, both running through the Sonarworks Reference 4 Calibrating software for the most accurate response. No problem goes unheard.


RSW Audio offers location services for all types of shoots and events. Our high quality, industry standard location equipment enables us to capture high-end audio for dialogue, atmos, fx, and Foley wherever you are shooting.

Our equipment includes -

Microphones - Sennheiser MKH range (30/50/60), DPA 4060 (x2).

Mixer/Recorders - Sound Devices 633 Recorder, Sound Devices 442 Mixer.

Headphones - Sony MDP-7506 

Post Production

RSW Audio offers the following audio post production facilities:

  • Dialogue & FX Editing

  • Sound Design & Foley

  • Audio Restoration

  • Mixing to industry standard specifications for a variety of platforms using professional metering such as Waves WLM Plus

  • Voice-over & ADR

  • Composition  for film and advertising


We compose modern electronic music for a wide variety of media. Please see the composition page for examples and get in touch to discuss any upcoming projects you may have.